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for healthcare workers, frontline workers and at-risk communities in New Mexico only
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Mask Options:

A1 : N95 cover, cloth ties [recommended for HCW]
A2 : N95 cover, filter pocket, nose wire, cloth ties [recommended for HCW or frontline worker]
B : Filter pocket, nose wire, elastic bands [for frontline worker or general public]
C : 2 layers cotton, no filter pocket, elastic bands [general public]
D : No-Sew mask; NMCR will provide cloth, rubber bands, and filters [general public]

*NM Craft Responders will only provide filters for D—since filters can’t be washed and need to be handled in order to be cut, it’s best if the wearer can buy their own for masks A2 and B. Use non-woven materials such as an unscented swiffer cloth; HEPA AC filter; coffee filters, blue shop towels; washed and dried wet wipes. See this article on best materials for filters.

Intubation Box:

This is a clear plexiglass box that covers a patient’s face during the intubation process. It includes two holes for the doctor or nurse to insert their hands and serves as additional protection between medical staff and patient when performing endotracheal intubation.